Welcome to Hoodwink

Hoodwink was created by two brothers from small town North Dakota whose minds have always been about innovation and entrepreneurship. Two brothers that have learned to evolve their grand ideas since the days of radioless tractors.  Travis is an agricultural pilot living in Western Kansas, with his wife and daughter.  Dan now lives in St. John Virgin Islands, with his British wife he met on a walkabout in Australia.  

The idea of Hoodwink came to Travis after getting some new personalised clothing from a fellow pilot, Kevin, that runs his own crop dusting business. It was just a T- shirt and hat, but it had a one of a kind logo in an industry that Travis supported.  Kevin usually ordered his own merchandise  and was giving it away as gifts and as a way to get his business name out there. Travis, wanting to support Kevin’s business and get more of his apparel, sparked the idea of a platform that would do just that. Instead of Kevin losing money giving away his branded attire, it could be available to all friends, family, and clients to order their own size and style. The most efficient part is it would free him up from the logistics of ordering and stocking. 


The name “Hoodwink” is derived from the possibility of someone ordering apparel from places or businesses on our store they have never been to, and claiming such. Much like an imposter, or Hoodwink. So here’s to noticing the new gear that the storyteller at the bar is sporting, and having to question - Hoodwink? Or not?