Affiliate Payout Explained

Attention logo and picture holders!

We would like to explain how the payout works for the affiliate program. Attached is a screen shot of a customer with a few orders. This screenshot shows how the payout is calculated. 

  • For Example -

  • Order #1369 Shows that payout is calculated via SKU from a $154.00 order at 15% royalties to equal $23.10.

  • Order #1369 Also shows that payout is calculated via LINK from a $154.00 at 7% royalties to equal $10.78

  • This equals $33.88 for a $154.00 order profit. This equals 22% of total order.

  • The price then adds the two amounts together to show a total of $298.00 which is not a true value of the order, just a representation of how commissions were tracked. 

  • The reason they track this way is because if someone orders your merchandise and someone else's after clicking on your link you would make an additional 7% on all sales so they need to show how much of that 7% is coming from LINK tracking. When this would happen it would show a different number for SKU tracking and LINK tracking because SKU is royalty and LINK is from the generator.