How it works

The Hoodwink is an online apparel store for all businesses. We'd like to call it the "yellow pages" of real business apparel.  The times of going down to the local print shop are over. With The Hoodwink you no longer need to stock an expensive mountain of clothes in the back corner of your store. Your customer that wants to support your business now can from anywhere on the planet. To get started there is no cost to the merchant, you can only make money. Simply upload your logo and join our affiliate program to get paid for your unique brand. 

Step #1- Upload Logo

In order to get started you will need to upload your logo. Click on the button and fill out the our form so we can get started on your custom apparel.

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Step #2- Join Our Affiliate Program

Now that your logo is uploaded and we've added your products to our store, the most important part is that you get paid. When you join our affiliate program you can either sit back and collect whatever comes your way or be an active salesman to sell your gear. We are offering 20% to you as the legal logo owner on all sales of your branded gear. If you would like to act as an active affiliate or promote your gear on our store you will get an additional 15% of all sales that you have directed to The Hoodwink. 

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For example; Lets say Ole and Lena's Lefsa factory advertise with a unique link on their Facebook page that their branded products are available on The Hoodwink.  They have directed that traffic to The Hoodwink and if that customer buys an Ole and Lena Sweatshirt and a Forest Flying T-shirt within 60 days they will get 15% commission for all sales plus the 20% on their own apparel. 

To get paid for you branded gear you will need a paypal account and join our affiliate program here. 

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Step #3- Create PayPal Account

If you do not have a PayPal account, set up is easy. Click here to set up your account. 


Step #4- Need Help? Ask for Assistance.

Since we are the first ones to do this please don't hesitate to send us any suggestions that you may have. We are looking forward to starting this business adventure with the rest of the working community. 

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